Thursday, July 14, 2005

2nd day of Strings 2005

I am not sure why Vafa cancelled this conference yesterday.

Today's talks started from Denef on the Landscape and the cosmological constant problem. String phenomenology is popular this year, which was one of the main topics at the panel discussion.

Anyway, the laptop of Witten worked very badly, and we were interrupted by some computer errors. His talk was on the m_u = 0 / Axion (symmetry preserving / breaking phase) scenario starting from the strong CP problem. After his talk, there was an applaud.

Arkani-Hamed was eloquent on our current status of LHC physics. He said the worst scenario is "nothing but Higgs bosons at LHC".

OK. Again from the panel discussion. "Why is string theory worth trying even today?" (It was phrased in a different way.) Some said "it is mathematically beautiful but phenomenologically poor" and some said "it is the only known consistent theory of gravity" (how do you prove its consistency?). My viewpoint is not equal to them. What do you think?

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Leucipo said...

Hello. So Witten's talk was about QFT, not string theory after all?