Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3rd day of JPS March 2006 -- my presentation

I did my presentation from 15:30 because the former presenter canceled; therefore I could adjust my PC to the projector. It worked in a non-landscape mode when I tried in the double screen at the coffee break, so that it was happy for me to know the trick.

My presentation was a little long with 20 pages because I supplemented some 2 page backgrounds for non-Calabi-Yau homological mirror symmetry and genus 0 modular forms. However, I skipped some of the reviews; and there was no question. As an alternative, I uploaded the powerpoint file to my homepage.

By the way, I managed to walk to the Matsuyama Castle from the Shinonome Shrine as far as the eighth where we had a park, which was closed because it was later than 9:00 pm. However, I could see the castle illuminated and with cherry blossoms.

I hope I can post my paper within few weeks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2nd day of JPS March 2006

Some people went to the spa or the Matsuyama Castle, but I came back to the Hotel to prepare for tomorrow's presentation. In stead, I went to an Italian restaurant, Pizzeria Mar-de Napoli and chose a course of salad (antipasto), carbonara, coke and dessert.

Click the candle, and you will see the flickering without breeze.

1st day of JPS March 2006

We went to the Ehime University for the meeting hall, where we could see the red cross hospital. Such kinds of institution unevenly distribute around here.

Today was the longest day starting from 9 am to 18 pm, which included two special lectures of 50 minutes each. Therefore we got tired after the talks, and took a view of the tree of Confucius and the apple tree of Newton (see the picture) around the gate of the university.

Then we walked to the same beef restaurant as I had gone last time, as a recursion. During the dinner, I went to an electronics shop to buy the ink for my portable printer but it worked very unstably with stacks when I tried to make the OHP sheets for emergency.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

From Tokyo, the Haneda airport, to the Ehime-Matsuyama University

This year has 1 week earlier cherry blossoms in Tokyo -- it will be flawn down before the first lunch seminar of April. Look at the left picture, which I took at the Yasuda Auditorium by a digital camera of cellular phone -- whose precision has become much higher than several years ago.

After an election of Yokohama city at the morning, I took trains to the Haneda airport. I was surprised that the airport had changed greatly with a beautiful shopping mall.

It was about 5 pm when I arrived at the hotel -- because I got lost after leaving the shuttle bus. I again losed my way when I was looking for the restaurant -- in the way, I saw the beautiful setting sun.

I'm printing out specific pages of the review of Edward Frenkel to prepare for the presentation on the geometric Langlands - quantum chiral de Rham complex in the JPS (Japan Physical Society).