Tuesday, October 31, 2006

2nd day of Joint Meeting of Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities

The morning session started from 8:30 and not 8:00 because of the jet rags of Japanese participants. I heard the talk of Ookouchi and the next speaker, but I could not help going back to my hotel to take a strong nap until 14:00 o'clock. So that I didn't eat the lunch before my presentation at 15:30. Silverstein left the position of chair at the point of Akishi Kato, about which I am not sure why.

My presentation was prepared for a little longer than the scheduled time, so that I had 3 pages left when Ooguri (Chair) presented "0 minitue left" card. Therefore I could not explain well about the open Gromov-Witten invariants part. Ooguri questioned about that part and I said "The open Gromov-Witten is still immature, but for the closed Gromov-Witten invariant for toric Fano, it is a theorem.".

I could talk to Ookouchi again and he was discussing with Intriligator (17:30-18:00 talk at the Field Theory session) and Kato.

I turned back to the hotel and I took the D bone steak again with 2 rices and 1 mushed potato. Today was the Haloween so that there were many girls with costumes. The waitresses were also dressed and I did a vote for the best costumer.

Monday, October 30, 2006

1st day of Joint Meeting of Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities

After the first morning session, I asked Ooguri about whether the presentation time is 10 min (talk) + 5 (questions). He asked Kazama and confirmed my question. I was misunderstanding the time schedule to be 15 min (talk) + extra (questions) so that I was anxious so much, which was pointed out at the reception by him.

The reception was beautiful with musics and delicious foods (some were sold out very quickly).

I could talk to several people today, which I do not write explicitly in this diary. Note that Ooguri's talk was changed for some reasons, which can be seen from the time table of the home page of the conference (google Hawaii 2006 and JPS!). I still needed a strong nap after Ooguri's talk and before Ovrut's talk. It was because of the jet lag but maybe I was nervous about the English presentation tomorrow.

Arrived at the Honolulu City

I took a 7 hour flight from Narita to Honolulu. When I arrived, it was the morning of Sunday. We took a guide from the JTB staff about half an hour on the gift, the optional tour, and the "Oli Oli coupon" for cruising and lunch. As we still have time before the check-in (12:00), we went to 2 hour cruising until 13:30.

The cruising has several optional activities such as the feeding of fishes, making a human figure from bamboo leaf, and the ukulele with the song of Sukiyaki.

At last, there was a dance with beautiful songs. I really enjoyed it.

After the cursing, we went to a Hong-Kong restraint and I took a fried rice and we left the place because some of the participants were thinking about using a rent-a-car to run all around the Oahu island.

I took the dinner after a strong nap at about 8:00 pm. Fortunately, there was a restaurant called IHOP (International House Of Pancake) and I didn't have to go outside the hotel. I took a D bone steak with rice, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.