Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ramification theory in Arithmetic Geometry

In this week, I went to a training camp held by Seidai Yasuda (RIMS), at the space called "Fruit Flower Park" in Kobe (western region of Japan).

The abstract and schedules are available on the web:

, although there was a slight change in the contents of speakers.

The scenary was so nice that we had plenty pounds of snowflakes twice within the week from Monday to Friday.

We seeked for the analogy between algebraic analysis of $D$-modules with irregular singularities with char = 0 or p > 0 (prime, positive level) AND arithmetic geometry / algebraic number theory in the sence of ramification of l-adic cohomology with crystalline structures in level 0 (Takeshi Saito, not necessary Lagrangian, but also co-isotropic submanifolds as the Characteristic cycles , or I suppose some calibrated geometry).

We also had some conversations interdisciplinarily at the residence from the morning to the midnight.

The plan of next year's conference is not scheduled yet, but RIMS (Kyoto Univerisity) has some plans to organize workshops like this.

Saturday, January 03, 2009