Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japan Physical Society 2010 Fall in Kyushu

The Japan Math-Phys Society became separated after the Nobel winning paper by Yukawa at about 64 years ago. So my presentation to the JPS (Japan Physical Society) is the first time since I did at the year 2006; which was a joint meeting with the USA at Hawaii. (See the past blog.)

In this week, I visited the Kyushu-Kogyo University by staying for only 2(+1) days at a hotel near Kokura (小倉:a bullet train station). The travel was nice, because I took a very-early-morning flight from Haneda to Kita-Kyushu; my flight was the retirement of the aircraft (type MD87) for 25 years, whose schedule for departure was 5-minute-delayed, but the arrival was just on time. (The speed of flight was 820 km/hour: the second figure is the Kofu-basin 甲府盆地) Then the third figure is the mono-rail and bullet-train station Kokura seen from the station square.

Then I took a shuttle bus before an early-checked-in at the hotel for my suit case, and checked the way to the university presentation room. It (Sep-12) was Sunday and there were just accelerator experimentalists and I heard a public lecture at the auditorium.

The second day was by the lattice gauge theory, quantum integrable systems, AdS/CFT, and quantum mechanics. I heard some physics discussions by senior staffs, and I had become very exhausted.

The final day was my presentation day at the string theory session, for the illumination of my past 2-3 years of development of "pure math" to see how the S-duality conjecture is seen from an algebraic-geometer with some physics background. The slide is available at:
Moduli space of chiral conformal field theories and compactification to Kahler manifolds

The final figure is the panel guiding the participants to the presentation halls.

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