Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newton's Festival at the University of Tokyo

Dear friends;

My homepage is temporarily closed for some reasons (, but I preserve its files and information). For almost one year, I worked for my mathematics lecture [brush-up and undergraduate mathematics at the summer semester] as well as my physics lecture [brush-up and introduction to dynamics / analytical mechanics (including some classical integrable systems of tops with inertia momentum tensor), and electro-magnetic special relativity at the winter semester].

Here is some mini-blogs (I'm sorry it is written in Japanese) for this year; I have a Facebook account for more English posts (or sometimes in French, German, or Japanese [from Twitter or Android cell phone]).

My old diary described my trip to a university of Japan, which had an "apple tree of Newton". Today was the "Newton Festival 2011" of Department of Physics, the University of Tokyo. However, as I explained above, I could not leave the lecture until 18:15, so that I could not attend the party at the Sanjo-Kaikan (山上会館) inside the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo.

As all of you must know, Japan is under the revival from the Tohoku earthquake at 11-March-2011, 14:46, and the nuclear crisis afterwards. (I explained some of the radioactivity information and radioactivity protection to my colleagues and students.) Therefore, I could not travel much for conferences or workshops far from Tokyo, so that it was very difficult to keep my research activity.

I wish you would have happy holidays and a "better" new year!

Best wishes,

Makoto Sakurai

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